Panel: Situation Awareness: Cognitive Architectures and Processes

Wednesday, 7 March 2012, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

The main objective of this panel is to discuss with the participants of this conference the main ideas behind the establishment of CogSIMA and possible directions for the future. The panelists will focus on four aspects related to the themes of CogSIMA: (1) cognitive architectures, (2) the role and models of situation awareness in human and computer cognition, (3) formal logical/mathematical/computer science aspects of situation awareness, and (4) the user (application) perspective.

Panel Moderator: Prof. Mitch Kokar, Northeastern University

Mitch Kokar


Dr. Mica Endsley, President, SA Technologies
Prof. Albert Esterline, NC A&T State University
Dr. Gabriel Jakobson, Chief Scientist, Altusys Corp.
Dr. Gerald M. Powell, US Army RDECOM Army Research Laboratory

Panel: Organizational Cognition as a Strategic Competitive Advantage

Thursday, 8 March, 11:00 - 12:30 pm

The ability of large-scale distributed organizations to sense, perceive and respond to internal and external changes cost effectively and in a timely fashion depends on the level of collective and institutional cognition the organization exhibits within its operations and strategies. In this panel, Panelists from industry and academia will discuss the potentials of integrating cognition into organizational architectures at different levels of the organization.

Ali Mostashari Panel Organizer and Chair: Ali Mostashari, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director, Cognitive Systems and Enterprise Initiative, Stevens Institute of Technology


Ali Mostashari
Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director, Cognition-Centric Initiative, Stevens Institute of Technology
Jeffrey Wilcox
Ph.D., Global Vice President for Engineering, Lockheed Martin Corporation
Dr. Mark Klein
Collective Intelligence Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. David R Millen
Senior Research Scientist, IBM


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